Tea Serving Size

  • Single serving of tea = 1 teaspoon of tea
  • 1 teaspoon (tsp) = 4.2 grams (g)

Tea Sample = 2-3 servings
Great if you would like to try a new tea without going full send. Each sample is 1 heaped tablespoon, and approximately 1-3 servings. The sample size is going to get you in the mood for more!

Tea in 50 grams = 10-15 servings
Perfect if you like a few teas a week or you're upping your fluid levels for the associated health benefits. This 50 gram tea size will last the average tea drinker 15-20 servings per packet, depending on how potent you like your tea.

Tea in 100 grams = 20-25 servings
Our most popular size. Perfect for the daily tea drinker or if you share a few cuppa's with friends and family. Approximately 25-35 servings of tea, depending on how you drink your tea.

Tea in 250+ grams or more
For larger tea orders or to become a tea stockist, please contact info@teamate.com.au.

TEA MATE serving size chart