TEA MATE Australia - Couple Drinking Tea Bags At Sunset

Our Promise

Our priorities have remained consistent from day one:

☕️ Source premium tea with robust, real flavours.

☕️ Create sustainable business practices and actively give back.

☕️ Bring value to our community with great products, education and inspiration.


Behind TEA MATE are two Australian mates who have always been keen outdoorsmen and care about the environment. Along with the growing team, we set out to build a community of people who are looking to be more inspired about their daily tea drinking experience, improve their health and care about high quality tea. 


At TEA MATE we sell premium tasting loose leaf tea. We are currently working on expanding our product range to include sustainable tea bags, tea-ware and merch.


Think about that feeling of excitement and anticipation when making your daily cuppa just how you like it. Brewing something of premium quality and taste that gives you a moment to relax, think, and focus. Tea that motivates you to embark on more adventures and achieve your goals.

We're excited about the presented health benefits of drinking tea and have enjoyed consuming tea to help with injury, brain function, recovery, energy, relaxation and as an essential part of our daily wellness routine.

We weren't enjoying the cheap, plastic-wrapped tea found in general retailers and didn't connect with any brands in the market. We wanted to contribute positively to the environment and it's future by operating in a sustainable manner. So we sourced the highest quality tea from around the world to share with you. Welcome you to our TEA MATE community.

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