As the second most consumed beverage in the world behind water, tea is simply a healthier alternative to soft drinks, alcohol, sugary juices or drinking too much coffee. We sell a variety of awesome flavours with varying amounts of caffeine that will keep your day tasty and healthy.

Our Concussion Story

After one of the founders of TEA MATE suffered post concussion syndrome from a snowboard accident, the doctor asked him to drink more tea to keep liquids up and help with recovery.

It became clear tea had healing properties as daily consumption helped massively with sleep, rest and a speedy recovery. From that point we began taking tea far more seriously, and we want to share that information with others.

What kind of health benefits? 

We put together some tea health benefits as published in peer-reviewed research, read on below.

Black Tea

Black tea contains polyphenols and catechins responsible for antioxidant actions (National Library of Medicine USA). Black tea has an ability to inhibit free radical generation (Łuczaj & Skrzydlewska).

Black tea can inhibit the development of various cancers (Brahma et al), and inhibit the function of certain enzymes responsible for the progression of Alzheimer’s disease and mental degeneration (Mazumder, Shuvasish & Choudhury).

Green Tea

Green tea is touted as one of the healthiest beverages on the planet due to it's high polyphenols, EGCG catechins and L-Theanine. It has been found to help with fat burning (Dulloo et al) and may have cancer-fighting characteristics (Kurahashi et al).

Mancini et al presented evidence that green tea influences psychopathological symptoms including cognition and brain function, while Nathan and Oliver also found that green tea has anxiety-reducing properties.


Rooibos has a delicious calming sensation and has zero caffeine. It can also reduce oxidative stress and help with high altitude sickness.

One study showed that Rooibos antioxidant compounds could have beneficial outcomes for high altitude climbers (tested on Aconcagua, Argentina, which at 6962m is the highest mountain in the Southern Hemisphere) (Cape Peninsula University of Technology).


Used since ancient Egyptian times, Chamomile contains antioxidants that may bind to certain receptors in your brain that promote sleepiness (Srivastava, Shankar and Gupta).

In one study of 64 diabetic people, those who consumed chamomile tea daily with meals for eight weeks had significantly lower average blood sugar levels than those who consumed water (Rafraf, Zemestani, Asghari-Jafarabadi).


Chai tea is full of interesting and delicious ingredients and there's plenty of reasons to drink it. Cinnamon has been shown to help reduce the levels of total cholesterol, “bad” LDL cholesterol and triglycerides by up to 30% (Khan et al).

Chai Tea may reduce blood sugar levels (Khandouzi et al), and Aniseed is high in iron and manganese (US Department of Agriculture).