TEA MATE Wholesale & B2B




Our Priorities

Our priorities have remained consistent from day one:

- Source premium tea with robust, real flavours

- Create sustainable business practices with the earth in mind

- Price fairly and keep our community at the core of our success

Top 5 best selling products

"The Australian Alpine Green Tea has been in our top 5 best selling products on a weekly basis ever since we started stocking tea from TEA MATE"

— Nick | Cafe Owner, Sydney, NSW, Australia

Selling through consistently

"TEA MATE are new to our store, but they're selling through consistently and have heard great feedback about the taste of the tea from our customers and staff"

— John | Independent Supermarket, Byron Bay, NSW, Australia

The biggest money maker

"TEA MATE is the biggest money maker for our cafe considering the square meterage of retail space it takes up"

— Mitch | Cafe Owner, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia