What is Australian Alpine Green Tea?

You might be surprised to know that not all green tea comes from the well-known areas of China, Japan or India. The camellia sinensis plant, responsible for all green tea, is also grown right here in Australia.
The south-east region of New South Wales (the 'Snowy Mountains') has environmental conditions that similarly mimic those in Japan where the famous 'Japanese Sencha' green tea is harvested. Australian Alpine Green Tea is like an Aussie Sencha, but with some interesting differences.

Tea at a mountainous lookout

Australian Alpine Green Tea is rare and most of it is auctioned off to the Japanese market for extremely high prices. It differs slightly to Sencha in profile, with notes of sweet and earthy grass and hints of chestnuts.
Alpine green tea has slightly less 'nori' or 'seaweed' flavour than Sencha. It is smooth in texture with balanced astringency (bitternes). We say that a cup of Alpine green tea 'feels like an Australian bushwalk' - fresh and free!
When brewing Australian alpine green tea, control your flavour from sweet to savoury the longer you steep.
Here's a quick video on how to brew:
Click here for a detailed step by step break down of how to brew the perfect cup of Australian Alpine Green Tea.
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