How To Brew Japanese Sencha Green Tea

It's generally well-accepted that anything produced in Japan is of high quality. That's certainly the case with Japanese sencha green tea, which was discovered in the 16th century in Japan.

All green tea is made from the camellia sinensis plant, but it's the way in which the tea is harvested that differs and results in a range of different green tea variations. Unlike most Chinese green teas, sencha isn’t fried. The leaves are steamed and dried without oxidation, giving sencha an earthy, almost vegetable flavour with notes of 'nori' or seaweed.

Here's a quick video on how best to brew your Sencha:

Grades of Sencha

There are also different grades of Japanese Sencha, partly dictated by farmland environments like altitude and temperature. In high-grade sencha, there's a thick, savoury taste followed by a subtle sweetness, with low astringency or bitterness.

Japanese producers of the tea are focused on bringing out the 'umami' flavour, which is a category of taste in food likened to a pleasurable savoury, meaty flavour.

In a lower-grade Sencha, umami levels will be less apparent due to a reduced amount of the amino acid, theanine.  There will also be a higher amount of astringency. 

Can I get Japanese Sencha in Australia?

Yes! Our TEA MATE Organic Japanese Sencha (Superior Grade) is buttery smooth and perfectly balanced to have you cruising back for more. It tastes light and fresh, slapped with a salty zest. Our Superior Grade loose leaf sencha is certified organic, and smells like ocean breeze meets fresh lawn, with a hint of lemon.

Brewing your Organic Japanese Sencha (Superior Grade):


Steep 1-2 teaspoons of loose Organic Japanese Sencha (Superior Grade) green tea per 250mL of water, depending on how strong you like it.

Organic Japanese Sencha (Superior Grade) Loose Leaf Tea

Add 1-2 teaspoons of Organic Japanese Sencha


Add hot water to your organic Japanese Sencha at approximately 75-85 degrees celsius (boiling water can make the tea too bitter).

Steeping Organic Japanese Sencha green tea

Add hot water


Let the tea steep for 1-3 minutes. A shorter brew time will result in a lighter, sweeter tea. A longer brew time will bring out stronger savoury flavours.

How to brew sencha green tea

Steep for 1-3 minutes


Pour and enjoy, and add honey if you have a sweet tooth. Take on adventures and share with your mates!

TEA MATE Australia - Organic Japanese Sencha green tea

Pour and enjoy!

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