How To Brew Australian Alpine Green Tea

Australian Alpine Green Tea is unique and rare, and sought after globally for it's unique Australian profile. Grown and picked using the same age old techniques first perfected in Japan, this tea is brought to life by some very passionate Australian farmers.

Want to try the feature tea in this video - Australian Alpine Green Tea?

The climate conditions in the southern alpine regions of Australia similarly mimic that of the conditions found in many of the traditional Japanese green tea farms. This mountainous grown green tea has notes of sweet and earthy grass, strong umami, nori and hints of chestnuts with a creamy texture and balanced astringency.

We love this tea as you can experiment with the evolving flavours - enjoy light and subtle or steep longer to bring out the robust flavour that is creamy and savoury.


Steep 1-2 teaspoons of loose leaf Aussie Alpine Green Tea per 250mL of water, depending on how strong you like it.

Loose leaf green tea, Australian Alpine Green
Add 1-2 teaspoons of Australian Alpine Green Tea


Add hot water at approximately 70-80 degrees celsius (boiling water can make the tea too bitter).

Steeping alpine green tea
Add hot water


Let the tea steep for 1-3 minutes. A shorter brew time will result in a lighter, sweeter tea. A longer brew time will bring out stronger savoury flavours.

Brewing Australian Alpine Green Tea
Steep for 1 - 3 mins

Pour and enjoy. Take on adventures and share with your mates!

Pouring Australian Alpine Green Tea
Pour and enjoy!
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